Stay true to yourself, just more digitally , and never forget why you started

Reshaping your company today is vital for future success. We’ll guide you there.

Think your business won’t be disrupted? Too late, it’s already happened

Your customers, employees, and competitors are already reinventing themselves digitally. The world is changing rapidly, and we have one choice to stay relevant: adapt, rather today than tomorrow.

Think all things digital; nlmtd digital is here to assist.

From surviving to winning like a champion

All great companies share the same recognition that Digital is the era we live in – it’s more than just technology, a field, or a mere marketing campaign. It goes beyond…


We’ve been through Web1 and Web2 disruptions, and now we’re in the middle of a Web3 upheaval. You likely use a variety of digital technologies such as digital markers, fintech apps, gig economies, video tech, education-tech, cloud solutions, cookies, or customer portals. For payments, you might unknowingly utilise different digital business models with ‘thick data’: Big Data with a dash of empathy and foresight. Welcome AI.

You may not even realise how much you've gone digital.

BUT. Technology should serve your business, not vice versa.

Reinventing digitally means looking at the whole business, seeing how everything fits together to meet new demands, enhance efficiency, create new models, and reach new markets and talents.

The world is evolving too fast for you not to be thinking strategically.

It's not just about being digital

It’s about serving your customers better, faster, and more affordably.

If you don’t get what digital success means for your business, you’ll never achieve it.

With nlmtd, we explore what digital success looks like for you, guiding you to your goal through thoughtful planning, learning moments, supportive steps, and solutions.

Too many businesses lose their way with pointless innovation labs or scattered growth departments. Don’t micromanage or get lost in the playground without clear goals. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Strategic thinking helps every company assess choices and make smarter decisions, focusing on the future, not the past or present.

What we do

Together with leading global companies, nlmtd Digital launches, scales, and transforms your organisation to be digital-ready. Our multidisciplinary team quickly moves from concept to action.

We tackle major challenges in the Netherlands, helping companies transform into digital businesses while driving positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

Digital competence is essential for the success of your business, but without a commitment to sustainability, it’s all rather meaningless.

Why we do it

In the last decade, we’ve seen growing efforts to prioritize digital innovation, coupled with strong demand from private and public sector organizations in the Netherlands and Europe, both corporate and SMBs, to embrace digital technology and seize a competitive advantage.

Establishing, building, optimizing, and scaling Digital businesses in The Netherlands enables us to accelerate our mission to deliver meaningful and societally positive impact at pace. The Netherlands is where some of the most exciting digital transformations are happening, powered by one of the best digital infrastructures in Europe.

With the team we have in place, we’re well-positioned to help SMBs and some of the biggest corporations in the world achieve their digital ambitions. And in doing so leave the world in a better place than when we kickstarted the project. 

How we do it

We’re in an era of non-stop disruption, where technology and agile methods are altering the business landscape faster than ever. We think that the most influential companies need disruptive ideas to stay in the game. That’s why we’re here to help them think and act like a start-up. We’re experts at navigating three innovation horizons, using data, people, and infrastructure to get things done:

1. Optimisation

Keeping your business in the game. 'On the ground, leading from the front.' Our teams are an integral part of your organisation.

2. Transformation

A deep-seated change in the way you serve customers, from top management down to the board level. Our teams apply focused governance from the top tiers, securing the backing and insight needed to guide your organisation in the right direction.

3. Disruption

Crafting new business models. It's time to leave the nest and take to the skies. We'll work with an organisational unit, detaching it from daily routines and the barriers that can get in the way.

Who we are

No two people on our digital team are alike – we’ve all earned our stripes with unique skills and experiences. The team is captained by directors Jonathan and Timo.

Jonathan is a savvy strategy and digital consultant with a history of working with big-name companies.

Timo is a pro at digital consulting, venture-building, and scaling up, focusing on taking action in the SME and Digital Natives sectors.

Our diverse backgrounds let us work with all sorts of companies and phases, teaming up with everyone from C-level execs to engineers. Through teamwork, agility, and tailored 12-month plans, we’ve cooked up a winning formula for setting up and transforming businesses, speeding them up, and preparing them for success or sale. To make a real impact, we get to know each business inside and out, relating to them on a personal, clear, and compassionate level.

Where we do it

Digital enterprises

Creating and launching digital ventures. 'Get a digital business line up and running in a year.'

Digital transformation

Future-proofing with a digital revamp and a human touch. 'Thrive in the Digital Age.' Whether it's overhauling the route to market or an end-to-end digital process.


Fostering digital growth and rapid advancement. With digital tech, data automation, and human know-how, we say: 'Be Digital.'


We're mad about strategy, using design-thinking in hands-on ways to help businesses implement digital strategies and reach their full potential.

Due Diligence

Assessing companies and targets to reveal the real opportunities for strategic or financial investors and laying down the digital groundwork. Whether it's for a strategic play or a financial investment, we've got you covered.

What we believe in

nlmtd and digital: a winning combination

Advisors <> Entrepreneurs <> Societal impact

As a dedicated digital team within nlmtd, we nurture deep expertise, entrepreneurship, and a thirst for sustainable impact. We work together to help businesses rethink or optimise products and services, unlocking new opportunities.

Unmatched expertise, experience, and execution: from start to finish

We’re strategic thinkers, business creators, start-up founders, and innovators with a knack for problem-solving and spotting opportunities. In just 12 months, our team turns ideas into new businesses or business lines, guided by data-driven growth and entrepreneurial spirit. We put innovative ideas into action to achieve success from beginning to end.

Experiment, act, optimise – and repeat: founded on years of experience working with business owners

We think fast, act faster, look ahead, and minimise risk. By embracing customer-focused and sustainable design principles, we create a competitive edge. Through collaboration and standing shoulder to shoulder with our clients, we bring about the best results. Working closely with our team, our clients discover new ways to transform their businesses from the inside out.

Wil je een heldere strategie met een positieve impact op people, planet en profit?

How we do it

More information? Contact one of our experts!

Jonathan Joubert

Jonathan Joubert