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CSRD is legislation that imposes transparency obligations to your organization on the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) topics that are relevant for your organization. It both enforces and enables you to look at sustainability from two perspectives and report accordingly: 

  • Inside-out perspective: what impact do the business activities of your organization have on people, society and the environment along the value chain? 
  • Outside-in perspective: What impact do ESG factors have on the company’s success and future cashflows? E.g. resource scarcity.

CSRD provides your organization with a detailed method for gathering stakeholder input and understanding the impact of your organization on the environment and society, while also considering the risk or opportunities that it has on your cash flows. E.g. resource scarcity or effects of the environment on your organization.

Is your organization required to comply with CSRD?

Check it by answering these three short questions! 

Does your organization consist of >250 employees?
Does your organization have > € 50 million net turnover?
Does your organization have > € 25 million on the balance sheet?
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Are at least two of the three questions answered yes?

Your organization has to comply with the CSRD requirements by 2026 over reporting year 2025. Setting up the strategies, policies and processes for CSRD are time consuming. Request a free consultation with our experienced consultants to learn more about the steps your organization can take.

Are at least two of the three questions answered no?

Your organization does not have to comply with the CSRD requirements.  

Although your organization is not required to comply with CSRD for the reporting year 2025 in 2026, it may be necessary for your organization to do so in the future. Additionally, exceeding the thresholds in the questions above may also bring your organization within the scope of the regulation.  Furthermore, it is likely that your stakeholders do have to comply. They have to disclose detailed information about their value chain, such as the CO2 footprint and the working conditions. Meeting their reporting needs can help you strenghten your position as supplier/stakeholder. Our experienced consultants can tell you more about how your organization can support them and what we can do for your organization on the topics of ESG.

What's next?

For CSRD compliance, it is required to develop a strategy and policy, along with associated ambitions, targets, and action plans on how to achieve this strategy. Our consultants have a proven method that not only ensures the sustainability of your organization in terms of reporting but also uses CSRD as a framework to reduce risks and capitalize on opportunities. Our practical approach focuses on the unique characteristics of your organization and helps you bring focus to the sustainability of your organization. Additionally, it includes an audit memo, allowing the auditor to assess the process and confirm CSRD compliance. In our approach, co-creation and development take center stage.  

Why nlmtd?

With our entrepreneurial consulting model, you work with talented and experienced professionals who bring spirit and enthusiasm to your projects.

We aim to build expertise concerning CSRD at your company because we want the sustainability work to continue after we leave. That’s why we focus on collaboration and transfer of skills and knowledge 

We truly believe that sustainability is the only way forward. Our people decided to focus their time, skills and knowledge on work that matters to them, positively reflecting the outcomes of our projects.

We are a consultancy that doesn’t feel like a consultancy. We don’t do hierarchy and think that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. We don’t do suits either, but if you really want, we can dress up.  

We understand that your challenges vary and so does the need for external support, that’s why we work in a flexible, scalable and agile manner. 

And because we are flexible & lightly organized means we use fair and attractive rates


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