A better future for our society

The potential to forge a brighter future for both organisations and our society is limitless, and we’re fully invested in that vision. Since the future starts now, we don’t waste time – our name, nlmtd, without vowels or capital letters, says it all.


We adopt a forward-looking approach, working together to make a positive impact. Our entrepreneurial experts inspire organisations to improve, innovate, and transform. Through co-creation, we help make it happen, leaving behind a future-proof organisation. It’s all about thinking and doing.

For this positive impact, we prefer rewards tied to results. That’s when our passion really shines. Our strategy and innovation advice focus on four key themes: sustainability, energy transition, food transition, and digitisation.

What you see is what you get

To realise our beliefs, we’re refreshingly candid. We dislike arrogance, tradition, hierarchy, stress, and needless complexity. But we adore flexibility, innovation, and growth. And we value clear, simple, and direct language. Our curiosity drives us, and we prize quality and consistency. Positive energy fuels us: enthusiasm, creativity, sportiness, humour, and fun.

Freedom and a robust learning environment

Freedom is essential for us; it fuels your growth. Our professionals choose their specialties and projects, ensuring our clients always have motivated leading experts.

Learning is paramount. Our office reflects this ethos: an open environment where we, alongside startups, form an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Besides our in-house training, we host engaging events for our clients, to make learning enjoyable and accessible.

Together, we make a difference. We’re not only safeguarding the future of organisations but also contributing to the wellbeing of our society and planet.


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