Venture Building

Sustainable products and services within six months

We use our distinctive ability to devise or discover new sustainable product ideas through collaboration with your organisation. Sustainability and circularity are our springboards, allowing current polluting product lines to make way for fresher, greener options. With our tried-and-tested approach, we create products and services that are fully sustainable or CO2-neutral within a six-month period. This guarantees that your organisation stays vital for people, planet, and profit – both now and in the future.


Open innovation

CO2-positive products for a green enterprise

Our Planet Proof research and consulting experience has pinpointed the pressing need for businesses to create new CO2-positive products and services. Our method for forging green enterprises is rooted in our experience in enterprise building, honed through sustainability and shaped by over 100 pioneering interviews.

Innovation monitor for green venture building

We employ the Innovation Monitor to swiftly assess your innovation capabilities across 10 essential domains. This direct approach guides the growth of flourishing green enterprises. Making a positive impact, from aspiration to action.

Assemble a green venture team

We’ve cherry-picked the best practices from various proven methods, theories, and experiences. The result? A unique model that unfolds in 5 phases.





We establish the metrics for success, considering climate risk, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, and more, across the green enterprise, processes, and teams.



An initial examination of the idea, market, and use cases helps frame the validation phase.



Through continuous experimentation, we test the most uncertain assumptions, repeatedly brainstorming and iterating fresh concepts.



The idea is transformed into an MVP (minimum viable product) – the first tangible, real-world product, ready to meet its customers.



Once the MVP proves its worth in the market, we leverage our strategic acumen to expand. A thriving product doesn’t automatically equate to a thriving business; we weigh the options to grow as a start-up (spin-off), unite with a partner (joint venture), or integrate into your existing operation.

Total duration per phase in months

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19 jan. 2023

Impact Innovators Meetup

At the 19th of January we organize our next Impact Innovators Meetup (before known as Venture Build Meetup)! Innovation as a tool to approach sustainability goals radically

Pieter Paul

Would you like to know more?

Pieter Paul is one of nlmtd’s founders and specialises in Venture Building. He’s happy to help your organisation get underway!

Pieter Paul

Meer informatie?

Pieter Paul is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Venture Building. Hij helpt je graag verder!

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