Venture Building

Sustainable products and services within six months

We use our unique ability to develop or scout out new, sustainable product ideas. We do this in co-creation with your organisation, having sustainability and circularity as staring points. Current, polluting product lines make way for new, greener alternatives. With our proven approach, we create sustainable products and services that are fully circular or CO2 neutral within six months. This keeps your organisation relevant for people, planet and profit, also in the future.


Open innovation

CO2-positive products for a green business

Our Planet Proof research and consulting experience has identified the urgent need for companies to develop new, CO2-positive products and services. The approach to green venture building was born out of our experience in venture building, applied to the sustainability domain, and developed from more than 100 frontrunner-interviews.

Innovation monitor for green venture building

We use the Innovation Monitor to get a snapshot of your innovation capabilities in 10 key domains. This gives us immediate direction on how to develop a successful green venture. From goal to action: making positive impact. 

Building a green venture team

Cherry picking, in other words: we selected the best practices from various proven methods, theories and experiences. This resulted in a unique model consisting of 5 phases.





We define how we will measure the success of the green venture, the process and our teams at the level of climate risk, CO2 emissions, energy consumption, etc.



We make an initial analysis of the idea, market and use cases to shape the validation phase.



We experiment to test the riskiest assumptions, while constantly coming up with and repeating new ideas.



The idea is turned into an MVP (minimum viable product). The first, actual, real-life product – ready for customers.


Scale up

Once the MVP has proven itself in the market, we use our strategy background to scale up. A successful product is not necessarily a successful business: we decide whether to grow as a startup (spin-off), or join forces with a partner (joint venture), or integrate into the existing business (integration).

Total time of six months

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19 jan. 2023

Impact Innovators Meetup

At the 19th of January we organize our next Impact Innovators Meetup (before known as Venture Build Meetup)! Innovation as a tool to approach sustainability goals radically

Pieter Paul

Want to know more?

Pieter Paul is one of the founders and specialized in Venture Building. He is happy to help you!

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Venture Building. Hij helpt je graag verder!

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