Open innovation

Speeding up innovation with the right partners

No organisation is willing or able to tackle all innovation challenges alone. And you don’t have to, as that’s precisely what our Open Innovation methods are here for. By identifying and choosing partners, we fast-track your innovation projects. We can even help build an Ecosystem and play an ‘orchestrator’ role within it. Together, we’ll shape the future of your enterprise.


Open innovation

Open innovation: breathing life into new business ideas

We think outside the box to make new ideas come alive. We don’t go it alone. Somewhere in the world, a solution to your problem already exists, and we smartly utilise it. As soon as we identify the right partner to work with, either from our database or network, your innovation project runs faster, more cost-effective, and stands a higher chance of success. It’s a win-win.

Here’s how we do it, step by step

Our tried-and-true open innovation method

Our unique open innovation approach involves 9 steps for working together. We design it to pinpoint urgent challenges, scour the globe for potential technical solutions, and launch a 100-day pilot project. With this organised method, we craft new services and products from existing solutions.

1. Market research

We form a comprehensive understanding of your specific market, supported by insights into vital technologies and trends.

2. Setting priorities

About 3 weeks

We evaluate which market insights sync with your overarching organisational strategy.

3. Defining domains

About 2 days

We pinpoint which innovation domains should be your organisation’s focal point.

4. Shaping challenges

About 2 days

We fashion specific innovation challenges that are most relevant to your innovation domains, tailoring them for open innovation. Alternatively, we can embark on a joint venture-building process.

5. Finding solutions

About 40 days

We search the globe for fitting innovations, then zero in and prioritise potential solutions.

6. Selecting a pilot

About 2 days

We choose the most promising solutions based on how well they fit, cultural compatibility, and value.

7. Fine-tuning the pilot

About 2 days

In a Pilot design workshop, we lay out tangible and achievable goals for the 100-day trial. We also perform backward planning to define how to measure value. The collaboration takes form, and we sort out the pilot’s specifics.

8. Starting the pilot

100 days

We launch the 100-day pilot or POC, resulting in a scale-or-kill recommendation, including a value case and roadmap. We’ll guide you and the chosen start-up(s) through a 100-day collaboration.

9. Scaling up or stopping

We deliver a prompt, unequivocal GO/NOGO decision, maintaining momentum and focusing only on top-notch projects.

Evaluation of the pilot

Even with our meticulous approach, some innovations might not meet expectations in the pilot phase. Together, we’ll assess the pilot and decide whether to advance to the scaling phase or cease the collaboration and seek alternative solutions.

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Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is one of nlmtd’s founders and specialises in Open innovation. He’s happy to help your organisation get underway!

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Open innovation. Hij helpt je graag verder!

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