Sustainable Energy

How to achieve a successful energy transition

The entire energy landscape is transforming. We’re moving away from fossil fuels and embracing sustainable energy. Instead of generating energy centrally through gas and nuclear power plants, we’re shifting towards locally produced energy. Consider wind farms, wind turbines, and solar panels on rooftops. This change creates a new dynamic within the network, necessitating a fresh approach. What will this mean for your organisation, and how can you tailor your services accordingly?

Trends in production, transport, mobility and heating

By 2030, all new passenger cars must be fully electric. Experiments and research into hydrogen are well underway. Home heating is also undergoing a fast transition. In essence, your company must adapt, and it’s expected to. Thankfully, the ambition is there, but how do you go about it? Where do you begin, and what will be your focus?

Challenges for market players

Network managers

How can you, as a network manager, adapt your network for hydrogen or heating?


How can you formulate stable policy for all participants in the energy transition?

Local government

How do you ensure that businesses can establish themselves in your municipality?

Service providers

How can you remain appealing and collaborate in new systems?


How can you maintain insight into energy consumption and take advantage of new business models?

New ways of working

All these changes require new roles, products, technologies, communication methods with customers, and digitalisation. In short, they demand a new way of working. The experts at nlmtd will assist you in achieving this through co-creation, ensuring not just your future, but also that of our society and planet.

Making impact together

Together, we make a difference through innovation and business development. We design strategic plans and guarantee their successful implementation. We’re enthusiastic, driven, and we approach things with humour. Our focus is on the processes, the technology, the language, and the people. In short: we’re working together to realise a successful energy transition.

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Tom Maes

Tom Maes

Want to achieve a successful energy transition within your organization?