Food Transition

How to achieve a successful food transition

We’re paying more and more attention to what we eat and, importantly, how it’s produced. Thankfully, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. By 2050, we aim to provide around ten billion people with a healthy, sustainable, and balanced diet. That means we need to produce food more sustainably and efficiently. So, what does this mean for your organisation, and how can you align with it?

Food value chain

With 820 million people still suffering from malnutrition worldwide, while food is plentiful in many regions, a broader perspective on the food value chain is crucial. We’re ambitious about solving food-related challenges and achieving a fairer and more sustainable food system.

Our main challenges in the agri-food value chain

Producing more sustainably and efficiently

Dutch productivity growth has been impressive, but it has its drawbacks, affecting nature, landscape, biodiversity, water quality, climate, and animal welfare. We face two main challenges: deciding where to opt for arable farming, livestock, or greenhouse horticulture, and how to make the best use of land for human food within our current food system.

Promoting biodiversity and sustainable land use

Efficient production isn’t just about yield; it’s also about nutritional value and soil preservation. In the Netherlands, we’re experiencing the effects of biodiversity loss. So, we must decide: where do we want farming, and where don’t we? How can we best combine nature and agriculture?

Restoring balance in the food chain

The food chain’s power, income, and influence are unevenly shared. To restore balance, the government and society must work together to regain control over the food chain.

Halving food waste

A third of global production goes to waste. In the Netherlands alone, about one and a half billion kilos of food are wasted annually.

Making choices

All these changes call for clear decisions on strategy, innovation, sustainable purchasing, commercial excellence, measurement, and digitisation.

Successful food transition

In a nutshell, we need a transition – a new, future-proof way of consuming and producing. The experts from nlmtd are here to help you achieve this through collaboration. Simply put, we’re in this together to make a successful food transition.


More information?

Marc is a specialist in Food Transition. He will be happy to help you!


More information?

Marc is a specialist in Food Transition. He will be happy to help you!

Achieving a successful food transition within your organisation?