Is your organisation future-proof?

Either adapt or disappear – that’s our philosophy. Nice to meet you, we’re nlmtd. We’re here to help your organization reinvent itself through co-creation.

Sustainable business together

We’re all in when it comes to inspiring and making a positive impact. In doing so, you’re not only securing your organisation’s future but that of our society and our planet as well. That future starts now, so we like to get to the heart of the matter swiftly. Our name, nlmtd, without vowels or capital letters, says it all.


Making a positive impact together

With over fifty motivated and passionate consultants, we work daily towards a more sustainable economy. Together with our clients, we create a better future for the world. We found that sometimes more actually means less. That’s why we focus on four themes we consider vital for a better future:

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Strategy: setting the destination

Being future-proof starts with setting the destination: what do we want to accomplish together, and how? This is where nlmtd comes into play, developing and implementing your strategy. We work closely together, with an entrepreneurial and inquisitive mindset. We strongly believe in ‘testing and learning,’ with an emphasis on pragmatism.

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Setting up innovation with faster implementation

We can imagine you’re not able or willing to tackle all innovation challenges on your own. That’s where our specialists come in, to set up innovation as good as possible and execute it more efficiently. We involve an ecosystem of relevant parties, playing a director’s role and realizing your innovation goals through co-creation. Think and act – that’s our approach.

Together, we’re creating a better future

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