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Times are changing, and so must companies. Profit is still vital, but we’ve got to think about our planet and people too. Being financially sound is just the start to making a difference. We know it’s not easy, which is why nlmtd has six services to help you meet your sustainability goals.


Six services for sustainable transformation

1. Sustainability maturity assessment
2. Ambition & strategy development
3. KPIs & steering information
4. Sustainability reporting & communication
5. Sustainable procurement & supply chains
6. Innovation & business model (re)design

1. Navigate sustainability expectations

Sustainability is a tricky subject, with different stakeholder expecting different things. Who wants what, when, and why? We’ll help you sort it all out, see where you stand, and map out your next steps.

What you get from us:

  • A rundown of what’s driving you, like ESG rules, ratings, customer demands
  • A gap analysis to see where you stand as opposed to the expectations
  • A list of actions and priorities based on gaps and where you can make the biggest impact efficiently
  • A roadmap for meeting or beating expectations, internal and external

2. Make sustainability part of your strategy

Being future-proof means baking sustainability into everything you do. nlmtd will help you shape your aims, plan your route, and support you with clear steps and priorities.

What you get from us:

  • A (double) materiality analysis to find what topics matter most to your organisation
  • Practical and well-defined goals for key strategic areas
  • A step-by-step guide to your targets, including actions, a timeline, and milestones
  • A management structure to keep track of your organisation’s efforts for sustainability and ensure everyone does their bit

1 Carbon Emissions


9 Data protection


2 Recycling and waste


5 Diversity & Inclusion


3 Biodiversity


8 Transparency & disclosure


7 Ethics & integrity


2 Recycling and waste


6 Community engagement


4 Workers in value chain

3. Define KPIs, measure and keep an eye on progress

We’re all in this together. Therefore, we help you turn your plans into solid KPIs and clear targets that get everyone in your organisation involved to reach a common goal. We provide insight in how you’re doing, so you can adapt or accelerate accordingly.

What you get from us:

  • Actionable objectives drawn from your strategy
  • Well-defined KPIs and goals
  • Assessment of the best system for tracking ESG data and a hand in picking the right one
  • Implementation of ESG Data Management systems

4. Inform, involve, and inspire

Stakeholders want to know what you’re doing, be they investors, suppliers, staff, or customers. We’ll figure out what to say, to whom, and how often.

What you get from us:

  • A stakeholder matrix with specific information needs and the desired level of engagement
  • Matching up with standards and frameworks, like GRI, Integrated Reporting, SASB, EU CSRD and more
  • Action-based ways to inform and report
  • A road map for your reports

Understand your stakeholder's information needs and their role for your organization

5. Supply chains make a big difference

Few organisations have their supply chains and ecosystem in order; there’s still plenty to improve. nlmtd can help make your supply chain more sustainable:

What you get from us:

  • A verified roadmap and business case for cutting CO2 at your production facilities
  • A clear picture of your supply chain’s environmental impact
  • Reduction of CO2 from packaging through buy-in
  • Starting a recycling scheme for clothing and shoes, specifically for retailers

6. Innovation for a better tomorrow

Making a major impact requires a major effort. Often however, it’s too little too late. Lots of new sustainable startups are already shaking up traditional industries, and to keep pace, you’ve got to adapt and innovate.

What you get from us:

  • Open innovation for sustainability challenges, finding global technological solutions for sustainability, made by startups, scale-ups, companies, and research institutes. Together with you, we test these and scale up accordingly.
  • Venture building for sustainable solutions. We create a new, sustainably designed product or service.
  • Innovation management to make an impact. For alignment and clear insights, vital for a sustainable transformation, we create innovation ecosystems, set up the right governance structure, develop portfolio management and design your innovation funnel.
1. Open innovation based on sustainability challenges
2. Building a sustainable enterprise by design
3. Organising for impact through innovation management

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