Gandert Pelger

Gandert Pelger


Gandert is a seasoned Strategy and Management Consultant and entrepreneur with a specialization in Business and Digital Transformation. Throughout his career, Gandert developed a keen understanding of how to drive organizational growth and navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Mijn talent

Gandert has a natural inclination towards identifying opportunities that can create value and propel businesses forward. By swiftly absorbing new information and synthesising it into actionable strategies, he ensures the initiatives are well-informed and yields positive results. Being approachable, attentive and a good listener, helps to prioritise understanding the needs and goals of his clients and colleagues. This enables Gandert to establish robust relationships at all levels within an organization, fostering collaboration and trust.

Mijn opleiding

Master of Science in Economics and Business, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Mensen en organisaties die mij inspireren

Master of Science in Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam

Wat ik leuk vind om te doen in mijn vrije tijd

Start-ups which are capable to successfully disrupt the market in a positive way with new and sustainable products and services.

Met dit nummer ga ik knallend het weekend in

Explore the world of Champagne, wine and dining, playing field hockey, traveling with my family to explore the world.

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