Organising innovation

Enhancing innovation potential

We assist you in crafting your innovation teams more cleverly or in furnishing existing teams with a well-defined strategy. Additionally, we offer practical advice to boost innovation capabilities. In doing so, our entrepreneurial experts inspire your organisation to improve, innovate, and evolve. Working towards tomorrow begins today: that’s our belief.


Innovation Monitor Canvas

For successful innovation implementation, we have developed our unique Innovation Monitor canvas. This canvas comprises 10 relevant components, each one a proven factor in success. We evaluate the presence of these elements within your organisation and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Strengthening innovation capabilities

We enhance innovation functions by addressing the organisation’s weaker areas and by building upon its strengths. Therefore, it takes both strategy and execution. We employ a proactive approach: doing business together to prepare for market challenges. This commitment extends not only to our own organisation but also to our society and planet.

Organising innovation functions

In recent years, we have aided dozens of organisations

in establishing innovation functions, equipping them for future challenges without losing sight of processes, technology, language, and people. We approach our work with enthusiasm, drive, and humour. Shaping tomorrow with positive energy. 

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is one of nlmtd’s founders and specialises in Organising Innovation. He’s happy to help your organisation get underway!

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Organising Innovation. Hij helpt je graag verder!

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