Aviation industry launches BOOST initiative to accelerate baggage innovation

A significant change in the industry is much needed to eliminate physical strain and transform working conditions for baggage workers. As the global baggage technology market is controlled by a few key players, competition and innovation is stifled. The limited number of large hub airports focusing on innovation keeps the market small and as such the appetite for new players to move into the industry low.

To bridge these gaps, frontrunners in the industry Schiphol, Avinor & Incheon have decided to join forces and share their insights on baggage innovation with each other. Together, we are now launching BOOST; the coalition of airports ready to take the lead in baggage innovation.


BOOST accelerates innovations in baggage automation and robotization. We leverage the innovation power of multiple airports in a collaboration focused on innovation doing and hands-on execution in the baggage journey. By executing pilots for different innovations within a collective of airports, the collaboration enables rapid technology implementation for all involved parties and the potential to scale solutions effectively for the industry.

The official launch will take place at the FTE EMEA and FTE Ancillary & Retailing events in Dublin on June 11th 2024. BOOST will then start by tackling three key challenges in automating the baggage journey, adopting a phased approach that begins with a core group of airports and gradually expands to include more partners.

What’s happening next?

In June, Schiphol, Avinor & Incheon will kick-off POCs on robotized solutions to load the mainstream baggage flow as well as odd-size baggage into carts without manual involvement, to automate the set-up of batches so that bags don’t have to be picked up 1 by 1, and to automate the assignments and routes for baggage drivers.

I’ve been closely involved designing this collaboration over the past months and am happy to be facilitating this collaboration forwards to enable real breakthroughs in the industry. Want to know more on these developments or get involved as well?

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming POCs!

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Wopke Dost

Wopke Dost

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