AI is more than a technology, it transforms entire business models

No matter the industry or role you are in, determining your position on AI is crucial in today’s business world, according to AI experts from nlmtd. Don Fontijn, Maxime Lubbers and Koen de Brauw help organisations navigate the AI revolution. But where do you start? What is relevant to your business? What do you need to know, and how do you do this responsibly? Schiphol Airport, Nationale-Nederlanden, SVn, and Techleap, with Dutch Prince Constantijn as special envoy already started with nlmtd, based in EDGE Olympic on Fred. Roeskestraat.

Why having an opinion on AI matters

According to Don “We should compare AI with electricity, not
the Metaverse. This is not going to blow over and knowing how to leverage its capabilities is critically important. 67% of all jobs are expected to be augmented by AI and we see this as a massive opportunity for all companies.” Koen: “Companies that embrace AI will perform better than its peers who will not. We guide companies on that expedition to figure out how to do it and what to watch out for. From thinking about AI to acting on it.”

Responsible AI?

AI could pump an additional €85 billion into the Dutch economy over the next ten years. And although we are all aware of the huge economic opportunity, we also make sure to align the ambition with the social, legal and sustainability context. Maxime: “In order to act responsible it’s key to understand the technology to a certain extent, Koen de Brauw, Maxime Lubbers & Don Fontijn be aware of the risks and change the mindset into an expedition mindset. Don: “Helping people from customer support to the boardroom with this will pave the way for a successful AI expedition.”

AI support for Zuidas

“AI isn’t just about tech; it affects your entire business model” says Koen. We are big believers in doing, so we sit down together with clients, connect their challenges to the capabilities of AI and design solutions. Next, we test those in small experiments and strategize for the long-term impact and value. Do you want to know how AI impacts your business model? Reach out on LinkedIn to Don, Koen or Maxime or email us via

This article was publised by HelloZuidas (text by Romy Lange & Ruby van Oers, photography by Alexa Photography).

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