Step into the future with nlmtd and Epicenter – Join our Digital Safari on December 14th

Working as a consultant at nlmtd is nothing like the ordinary. We stand for making impact, being innovative and being entrepreneurs. I have experienced this in multiple ways during the past nine months that I have been working for nlmtd by working on impactful projects for clients, while simultaneously building a new movement together with our team. The best thing about working at nlmtd is not only being part of a great team, working on challenging impactful projects, and being innovative as a company. It is also being part of a movement that stimulates others to be innovative as well. How? For example, by organizing inspiring events that challenge the status quo, where you are surrounded by top notch tech experts that can tell you what the future has in store, but also by opening up the discussion with like-minded colleagues from same or different industries about the transition we will go through in the next years.

Sounds exciting, right?

Next week on Friday December 14th we are organizing another cool event on tech, in collaboration with our home base Epicenter. We have all heard the stories about the future, but have you ever experienced it yourself? That is why I am happy to invite you to our Digital Safari, where we will guide you through our building and let you experience the coolest innovations from Epicenter residents and the TNW X Vodafone IOT challenge.  

Our favorites you should not miss:

Keynote by Biohacker Hannes Sjöblad

Hannes Sjölad is a co-founder of the Sweden-based biohacker network Bionyfiken. Furthermorme, he is a popular speaker and business advisor on the impact of technology on the human body. During his keynote, he will provide us with more information about the world of near- and inbody technology.

Innovation Tour – Wasteless

Introducing the first machine-learning solution with real-time tracking enabling grocery stores to offer dynamic pricing based on a product’s expiration date. This not only reduces food waste, it also increases revenue for grocers. Last but not least, we as customers also profit from the lower prices!

Innovation Tour – Netop Technology

Netop Technology develops products for ‘sensing world’. They bring different types of sensors and connectivity choices and turn them into key solutions. Their sensors and software have already improved connectivity to achieve smart solutions for logistics, industrial control, metering, cities but also homes and buildings.

Innovation Tour – Semioticlabs

Semioticlabs will introduce their plug & play Smart Asset Monitoring solution SAM4, that helps maintenance teams to achieve zero tolerance for unplanned downtime. The solution recognizes damage in an early stage and predicts when an asset needs maintenance. In addition, they also monitor performance statistics and give advice on energy reduction in real time.

I hope to see you December 14th at 16:00–19:00PM in the Disruption hall of Epicenter Amsterdam!

If you do, please let us know that you are coming.

In case you have any questions about the event or our movement nlmtd, do not hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues!

I hope to see you December
14th at 16:00–19:00PM
in the Disruption hall of Epicenter Amsterdam!

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