For a future-proof organisation

How to stay relevant in this rapidly changing market? What might be a stretch growth target? What’s the best path to reach it? In other words, how to make your company truly future-proof? At nlmtd, we help you by addressing these strategic questions together. We do this by innovating and digitising, always in harmony with people, planet, and profit.

Strategy development

Do you already have a strategy to ensure your organisation is future-proof?

Realisation and transformation

How to guide your employees, suppliers, and customers through a transformation?

Mergers & acquisitions

Do you already have a clear picture of your company’s potential and value?

Tech scouting

Do you need of a technology partner for your innovation goals? We’ve conducted over 200 scouting projects in recent years, boasting a success rate of over 90%.


More information?

Korik is one of the founders of nlmtd and a specialist in Strategy. He’s happy to help you grow!


Meer informatie?

Korik is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Strategy. Hij helpt je graag verder!

Do you want your organisation to win in tomorrow’s market?