Technology Scouting

The right technology partner for your innovation project 

Want to supercharge your organisation’s innovation? You don’t always have to develop the technologies yourself – they’re often out there already. Somewhere in the world. We’re here to help you find the solution, enabling you to grab the technical opportunities for your organisation. And here’s the best part: in 95% of our projects, we identify the perfect collaboration partner.

Innovation through tech scouting

For modern organisations, profit isn’t the only yardstick. You want, and increasingly need, to tackle societal challenges and meet stakeholder expectations. Stagnation is not an option if you plan to lead in tomorrow’s market. Tech scouting is a tool to help your organisation evolve, ensuring that your company stays relevant in the future.

200+ scouting projects

Over the past few years, we’ve successfully completed more than 200 scouting projects with an impressive success rate of over 90%. Building on this experience, we’ve co-founded Rethinking Energy to extend Tech Scouting into the energy sector. Through ScoutLab, we also support world-leading procurement organisations like Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola in building tech scouting capabilities and executing projects.

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is one of nlmtd’s founders and specialises in Technology Scouting. He’s happy to help your organisation get underway!

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul is één van de founders van nlmtd en is specialist in Technology Scouting. Hij helpt je graag verder!

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