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Impact maken met Change.Inc

“It is great to work with the Impact driven advisors of nlmtd. They bring energy and experience to the table. They have supported us in our strategic direction and shaping our organization and have supported our partner network by facilitating co-creation sessions and discussions in the fields of Food Transition and Energy Transition. We look forward to continuing the collaboration, and create more and more Changemakers.”

Impact maken met DPW

“Partnering with nlmtd has been a joy, creating a win-win-win situation for DPW, for nlmtd and for our partners and clients. We have co-founded DPW ScoutLab together, bringing an amazing new service to progressive procurement organizations around the world, powering digitization, sustainability and innovation. Looking forward to many more years of partnership!"

Wat we realiseren met TNW

“Working with nlmtd is great! The broadness of skills in their team is very complementary to ours. The openness to collaborate with partners and the broader ecosystem makes working together with nlmtd rich and fun. We worked with nlmtd in many projects from Vodafone IoT Challenge to Rethinking Energy and many corporate innovation programs.”

Wat we realiseren met InnovationCast

Working with a partner who understands all aspects of innovation is great. We partner with nlmtd in the implementation, global roll-out, and activation of innovation communities for brands like ING. On top of that, InnovationCast has powered nlmt’s Rethinking Energy program since the early start of the platform and is now supporting several global Open Innovation challenges, creating an impact for the Energy Transition. We look forward to bringing innovation to many more organizations with nlmtd.

Impact maken met Unlikly 

“The collaboration with nlmtd has been a real joy. They bring energy and relevant experiences in our joint projects in Denmark. Working for clients like Novozymes, Energinet and ISS in fields of Open Innovation and Energy Transition boosts the impact we bring. Together.”

Pieter Paul

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Pieter Paul

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